Feminine in Transition in BASALT, Victoria for sale

Feminine in Transition
Feminine in Transition
Feminine in Transition
Feminine in Transition

Set of 3 large, unique sculptures. Made from fibreglass and rendered.
Apparently made by an artist from Daylesford.
They are indicative of the female in transition.
The largest sculpture representing the pelvis.
The female form in a resting position.
The last sculpture representing the journey into the next chapter….the void.
Would be perfect for a retreat setting or woman’s healing centre, which is why l purchased them.
Moving North to the sun and have decided to sell them rather than transport them with me.
Although they are large, they are easily carried by 2 people and fit onto the back of a tray ute.
There are a couple of dents which occurred when transporting them recently, which are easily fixed by using a filler. The dents are not visible from the front of the sculptures and do not effect their appearance.
I had metal rods inserted into the base of the 2 upright sculptures to secure them into the ground.
The female form lies directly on the ground.
These are being sold for me by my friend Richard, who has them stored at his home.
Would love them to go to a new home where they are appreciated for what they represent.
The feminine in transition.